Packed with all the tools and strategies I've used to start and grow my own online businesses, this is a highly practical online ecommerce course for store owners who have just started their online store or are about to launch.

Over the course of 7 modules, I’ll share with you the steps I took to grow my $10million ecommerce business.

Through videos, worksheets and Q&A, I’ll walk you through what it takes to start, how to get that first customer, the fundamentals of building an online brand and how to hack your growth on a zero $ budget.

By condensing and sharing 15 years of practical ecommerce and business experience, this ecommerce course provides you with the skills, tips and tools that you need to start, build, and grow your ecommerce business.

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Practical online ecommerce training

Start Build Scale is aimed at beginners. It cuts the bullshit and gets straight to the nitty gritty of building an online store. Through videos, conversations and worksheets I’ll walk you through the actual steps you need to take to get your online business off the ground and growing.

At the end of this online ecommerce course you’ll have all the knowledge, strategies, and resources to start, build, build and grow your online business.

Coming 2018 - Register your interest

Why Did I Do This?

The inspiration behind this course has been, what feels like, a lifetime in the making. When I started my first online business, I was 17 and living at home with my parents. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. At the time Facebook didn’t exist, and ecommerce was so new at that point, that finding practical advice from people that had lived and breathed it was impossible. Being a 17-year old girl in a manufacturing world made stepping out and asking for help very challenging, so I hid behind a digital front for the next 13 years. In that time I learned by doing. Taking in as much as I could, I taught myself everything I needed to know about starting, building and scaling an ecommerce business. From teaching myself to code HTML on a computer the size of a microwave, to studying the first ever edition of SEO for Dummies in 2004 – I’ve lived and learnt ecommerce.

Since successfully selling the business in 2014, I’ve spent a lot of time giving back and mentoring high school students and online store owners on the principles and practicalities of ecommerce. I’ve also given a few keynote talks and sat on countless panels with other successful entrepreneurs where I’ve been fortunate enough to share my knowledge and experience. I started to notice a huge authenticity hole in sharing knowledge. I found that people wanted to talk about their success, but were very reluctant to talk about how they actually got there.

"Being a 17-year old girl in a manufacturing world made stepping out and asking for help very challenging, so I hid behind a digital front for the next 13 years. In that time I learned by doing."

Nicole Kersh_Ecommerce Consultant

This course is an ode to authenticity. It’s my blackbook of knowledge and the cumulation of 13 years of blood, sweat and tears. It’s not smoke and mirrors, it’s not self-help, it’s not a reflection of my ego, it’s an honest, task-oriented resource for people who want to start and grow a sustainable online business.


Understand how digital branding is different to traditional branding. Including practical worksheets on ecommerce brand strategies and checklist of brand touchpoints to cover.


Growth Hacking and paid and unpaid strategies to making your first online sale. Including practical ways to get traffic to your site and step-by-step strategies to convert that traffic.


Understanding why merchandising matters and strategies to get your store looking good and
converting well. Including practical guides and templates on how to take, edit and store product photos and
product descriptions.


Discover ways to build a database and increase sales simultaneously. Including practical guides and templates on which emails to customise, how to win back abandoned carts and use automation to drive sales.


Take the overwhelm out of SEO with practical, step-by-step actions to set your store up to rank organically. Including practical guides and templates on what elements of your store to optimise, how to write meta tags and descriptions and which tools to use.


Customer experience can make or break your online store. Discover cost and time effective
ways to keep your customers coming back. Including practical guides and templates on using live chat, how to create the ultimate unboxing experience and how to turn complaints into loyalty.


There’s so much you can learn about your customers from Data. You’ll learn how to setup your Google Analytics dashboard, learn what metrics you should be looking at and discover what KPI’s you can work towards.


- Ecommerce Business Plan
- Comprehensive list of sites, tools and apps to use

How the Course Works?

Having started and built a business, I know that it’s hard to find consistent time. While the course is guided over a 7 week period, you can take this course in your own time. You won’t miss out on any of the content or calls because you can watch and listen as many times as you want. Once you have a login you can access the content and worksheets anytime.

This Ecommerce Course is Ideal if:

  • Have recently started or are about to start an online business
  • Want practical step-by-step advice from someone who’s been there
  • Want to build and grow a sustainable online business
  • Want to learn more about how to build an ecommerce brand
  • Don’t want to outsource everything to an agency and lose control