Nicole Kersh is the owner of a big, energetic brain. A self-described iconoclast, she is a big believer in thinking outside the square.

Emigrating from Jo’burg, South Africa at 10, she discovered freedom. Her entrepreneurial leaning surfaced at 12, walking 10kms from Bondi to Paddy’s Markets to bulk-buy clip-on-koalas. Making her way to a popular tourist viewpoint, she spent the afternoon singing the national anthem with a South African accent and making impressive mixed-lolly money selling koalas to sightseers.

As a natural observer, watching her parents run a small electrical business from home was adopt she later joined in building the first online trade based website in Australia. 

Teaching herself to code, she filled a gap by using her platform to sell spare electrical products lying around the garage. From there, 4Cabling began. Credited for gentrifying an industry by connecting with those on the periphery of it, her success has as much to do with the culture of respect she curated as it does her product and service.

Having traversed the business spectrum from start-up to exit and everything in between, Nicole has almost two decades worth of personal and professional stories to tell.

A believer in authenticity, she steers away from the ‘meat and three veg’ approach to speaking, exchanging knowledge and experiences which leave the audience with an optimistic resonance. 



Representing a generation of change in a masculine and manufacturing industry is not an ideal circumstance for a 21 year old girl. Nicole can tell her story of being a young, gay women, pretending to be an old married man and learning that authenticity is a true leader.


Cables hardly make for riveting content. A decade of making cables sexy taught Nicole a lot about cutting through with honest and genuine content. As much as cables are a connector, content is an even better connector of people to information. We live in an online, hyper-connected world where more people have mobile phones than toilets. Content is an opportunity, not a space filler.

A solid digital strategy is crucial to a businesses success. With close to 3 billion people using the Internet on a daily basis, the need to differentiate your online service offering has never been stronger. The Internet is a loud land, so yelling clumsily into the void is not going to get you heard. Nicole can share her experience of how a solid digital strategy can cut through the noise.


‘Cables are my passion’? – said no one. Ever. Nicole went into 4Cabling with an open mind and very realistic expectations of what could be achieved. Within the first few years she had accomplished everything she’d set out to do. The company experienced incredible and continual growth that it reached a natural make or break point, which taught Nicole two major lessons: Passion is everything and Knowing when to draw the line and realising your limitations.