Here’s an interview I did recently with Piers Warren.

The Big Time Podcast Ep # 26 Create, Grow & Sell a $10m business by age 30 like Nicole Kersh!

What does it take to Be Your Best? Join Piers Warren with Nicole who shares her entrepreneur mindset and an inside look at her journey to being a successful, entrepreneur.

Nicole was working with her parents, both electricians, in her uni days. She saw the inefficiencies of the distribution and delivery network. Nicole found her gap and created 4Cabling, She then turned the industy up side down and became he biggest online cable distributer and retailer in Australia.
In a male dominated industry Nicole as the ‘young girl’ was not taken seriously. She adapted and found her way to be able to create her company into a $10 million dollar company. All this by the age of 30!!
An Inspiring young entrepreneur, Nicole shares where she is going next…..
Nicole shares her trials and tribulations on the road to success and what she had to do to overcome them. Tune in to hear the lessons Nicole has learned from her business experience and how they can help you on your path to success.

Success Quote

“optimism is the faith of achievement, without hope there is nothing. –Helen Keller” Nicole Kersh – Tweet

It may pay you well to think of an email as a very brief window of opportunity rather than an endless white page needing to be filled. That means you need to know exactly what you want your customer to take from the email. For this reason a Call to Action can be very effective for sales and community engagement.

Be Your Best Daily
Being grateful
Business Failure
Not taking on a mentor

Being Your best ……
Being the best version of myself

How do You Standout?
Innovation and customer satisfaction

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The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

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• Website – Nicole Kersh